Saturday, 6 of March of 2021

What people say


Things people enjoy about Sue’s classes…



“Sue’s encouraging teaching style has really helped me enjoy Pilates.
I feel in control of my body -
its challenging but  so  much fun.”                    

Clare, Northland


“Always enjoy being in your class Sue.  For one to have come so far ‘fitness-wise’ with terrible joints, I couldn’t have done it without you!”

     Ann, Karori


“During my day I hear a voice saying ‘find your core, shoulders relaxed, it can only be good!’  Thanks you for your firm but gentle approach to Pilates training.  I do enjoy it!”

Davina, Wilton


I have known Sue for a number of years and I admire her ability to understand and facilitate the movement of her students.  She manages to do this through years of practising not only Pilates, but also yoga and understanding her own bodies limitations.  She does not believe in forcing a body to try to achieve a certain movements by compensating, but rather works with the client to re-educate the nervous system  This means that her style of Pilates has longer lasting and more profound effect than classes that just focus on the look rather than form.  I would recommend, her to all my clients.                                                                                                                                                                                       

Will Aitken – Osteopath and Naturpath