Saturday, 6 of March of 2021

About the classes


Sue offers group mat classes in Northland with up to 12 students per class and tailored private sessions from her home in Karori, one on one or in small groups of up to three people.  All classes start at an introductory level, building a foundation to progress and provide an understanding of your body and the Pilates method.  Sue uses props such as bands, balls, power circles and foam rollers which are fun to use and enhance the class.


Group Mat

Introductory Class

This course familiarises students  with the principles, vocabulary and fundamental exercises used in Pilates. Students are  taught correct posture, breathing and movement control.  At this stage your body is preparing itself for the more  challenging exercises to come, developing ability and skill.  Everyone should complete this introductory stage.


Beginner/Beginner 2 Class

This class further develops the skills and techniques you learnt in the introductory course. Now you have the chance to start challenging your body, focusing on better control of your core muscles


Intermediate/Advanced Classes

When you have mastered the beginner’s exercises, this class will give you a better level of control and understanding, allowing you to test your ability to really master the basic exercises well. You will notice how your core muscles have strengthened.


To ensure that you benefit totally from Sue’s personal approach, the hour-long classes are limited to a maximum of 10 people.

Sessions are purchased in advance and run in block courses during the school terms. A ten week term is $130.00 for the block of ten classes; for two or more classes per week discounts are available.


Private Sessions

Or, if you like, Sue offers private one on one or small group mat sessions. The cost is $70.00 for the hour for one person  or 40.00 per person 2  people  each and the session is as personalised as you want it to be.   This is when you will really benefit from Sue’s breadth of experience with swiss ball functional training, yoga and Pilates, providing a balanced workout that is just right for you.