Wednesday, 20 of November of 2019

When and where



Classes run through the school term

Payment  made in advance for the term (10 classes)

 $160.00 for 10 mat classes           $290.00 for 20 mat classes Northland  $20 casual

$180.00 for 10 mat classes             $330.00 for 20 mat classes  Karori  $25.00 casual

Casual mat classes must have at least completed the introductory classes

These classes must be used within the block of a term (10 weeks)  and are not transferrable

You may attend other classes as a make-up class (during the same term) at the appropriate level if for some reason you miss your usual class.

Bookings are essential as classes are limited to no more than 12 students for mat classes 


Cash, cheque or internet banking

No refunds once payment has been made.

Class Policies

Wear clothes that don’t restrict your movement eg. no zips buckles,domes or belts or hoodies.   Clothes that allow the teacher to see your knee alignment.  Leggings are preferrable.

As Pilates focuses on your core (your abdominals) it is important that you eat at least one hour before exercise (a light snack) or wait until after your workout. Otherwise you will use up energy digesting your food rather than working out!

Please wear no perfumes or colognes

Be prompt for your class arriving a least 5 minutes before the class starts.

Please ensure you are present in the moment and that all cellphones are turned off unless you are a medical professional on call.


Timetable – Adult Pilates Group Classes

  Term 4 -Monday 14 October  to Friday 19 December 2019

Mondays  – NORTHLAND

9.30 am – 10 .25 am     Seniors

6.30pm -   7.20 pm     Intermediate

7.30pm -    8.20 pm      Beginner 2



6.30pm-7,20pm         Beginner

7,30pm – 8,20pm        Beginner 2/Intermediate



Wednesdays-  KARORI

6.30pm – 7,20pm)      Introductory Pilates       } starting 23 Oct- 18 Dec  Term 4

7.30pm – 8.20 pm )     Introductory  Pilates      }starting 23 Oct- 18 Dec  Term 4



Thursdays - NORTHLAND

9.30 am    - 10.25 am     Intermediate

7.30pm -      8.20 pm      Introductory/Beginner


9.30 am – 10.20 am       Beginner


 Saturdays – Karori

9.00 am  – 9,50am    Introductory   Pilates     starting  2 Nov – 14 Dec

10.00 am – 10.50 am   Introductory Pilates      starting  2 Nov – 14 Dec




St Annes Church Hall, Cnr Randwick and Northland Roads, Northland



new Studi0  Dynamic Being upstairs    1 Beauchamp Street (Old Post office building)



Check our What’s Happening page to find out when the next introductory classes start.

 Be in quick as classes are limited 10 students  Enrolment essential!