Saturday, 17 of April of 2021


What is Pilates?


Pilates is a series of exercises that focuses on postural awareness, technique and core strengthening.  The movements are precise, concentrated and flowing, resulting in a toned, strong and energised body.

How can Pilates help you?

Pilates has something to offer everyone regardless of age or fitness level. By practicing Pilates regularly it can greatly enhance your posture, movement patterns, breathing and mood.

The main benefit of Pilates is to increase your “core strength”.  Your core is the group of abdominal and back muscles at your centre that support your whole body during movement and rest.  When these muscles are strong you will find your posture and strength will improve.

To practice Pilates successfully you should have a good level of concentration and be totally focused  – this is the mind body connection. Sue sees this focusing as a moving meditation which you can bring into your daily life, making yourself  calmer and more in control.

Pilates can help you understand and remedy old injuries, and give you the strength and flexibility needed to decrease or banish back pain..

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